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When you are looking for premium cigars, there is no shortage of varieties. Cigar.info is for cigar smokers to indulge the fine lifestyle and help their budget while enjoying great cigars. Enjoy the exclusive benefits of our Cigar Club and receive specials every month. Be the first to know about new cigars and cigar information.

How do you cut a cigar? First, make sure you have a good quality cutter with a very sharp blade. You also need to shave off about 1/8 of an inch. The idea is to try and keep the cap intact. If you clip most or all of the cap, as you smoke the cigar and the head becomes wetter, it will open wider and the cap will very likely peel off entirely.

How do you light a cigar? You can use several different methods of fire to light it, but whatever you use, light the cigar gently, evenly and slowly. Enjoy the process of lighting your favorite smoke.

  • Hold the cigar horizontally
  • "Warm" the cigar by holding the flame underneath the end in direct contact with the cigar. (FYI, the hottest part of the flame is the white tip, so be careful not to ignite the wrapper.)
  • Slowly rotate the cigar until the end is evenly charred over the entire surface
  • Next, put the cigar in your mouth and hold the flame just close enough to the end without letting the flame touch it (about 1/2"). Draw on the cigar slowly while rotating it until it is EVENLY lit. (Drawing too fast will oxidize the tobacco making it taste bitter.
  • Gently blow on the glowing end to make sure it's burning evenly and you're done!
  • This entire process can take up to a minute, but the cigar will taste the way it's supposed to taste and will help prevent an uneven burn. Remember, it's better to take your time in the beginning and you will enjoy the cigar longer, too.

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